Transaction services

Long experience with transaction services

Novier's transaction team helps you make profitable deals, whether you want to sell an existing real estate company, real estate portfolios, evaluate a potential acquisition, or generate expansion capital through partners. Through our extensive experience in business transactions and with our senior project managers and partners deeply involved in each acquisition, we are able to deliver quick results.

Sales advisory

If you are considering selling, you can appoint us as advisors and project managers. We can help through the entire process of the sale of real estate companies, commercial properties and large property holdings, to name a few. We work in every property segment and conduct business throughout Sweden. 

Advice on buying

We help you every step of the way in the acquisition of real estate companies, evaluation of potential deals, negotiating and completing your transaction, whilst safeguarding your interests. We are specialists in the field, and our investment advice is relevant to all real estate companies.

Strategic consultancy

We help you with strategic advice based on your specific issues and questions. It can range from optimising your property portfolio, to securing capital for expansion. Our senior advisors are meticulous and provide the information you need quickly.

"We always start with what is best for the customer and the business. Our experience and wide network of contacts allow us to operate throughout the entire country, which makes a significant difference for the customer and the company."

Olof Rotbring

Contact us — we make a difference for your business

Porträtt på Olof Rotbring

Olof Rotbring

Head of Transaction

We always aim to build a lasting partnership, no matter how big or small the project may be. As your company grows, we match your needs at all stages, so our collaboration can be diversified and deepened based on the requirement. With us, you get a combination of stability and flexibility, without losing sight of the future and long-term returns. Contact us — our full-service offer makes a difference to your business.

The real estate transaction team

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