360 Real Estate Advisors

Novier are full-service advisors. Offering expertise from valuation & transactions to leasing, development and property management. We are 360 Real Estate Advisors.

Novier puts you in the centre

With our expertise in all aspects of real estate advisory, we understand your business and add value to it.

We make things happen in the Everyday, without losing focus on the bigger picture and future goals.
We develop meaningful meeting and location experiences, while increasing the value of your property.

Novier - we offer cutting-edge expertise in all categories

We are expert advisors in all areas of real estate consulting. Our innovative solutions help you continuously improve and increase value. We listen and always strive for close relationships, where long-term strategy translates into action today.

With equal focus on hard work and a mindful approach, we make sure that you take the right steps, at the right time. You can count on our commitment and solid experience in real estate to support you, whether it be valuations, transactions, management, leasing or developing innovative projects.

Property management

To best help you refine your properties, we work through all parts of the management chain. Our holistic approach offers a good, long-term return on your investment.
Our expertise in property management covers a wide range of services, including: Commercial management, Financial management, Accommodation management, Technical management, Project management, Rental management and Sustainability and energy.

Transaction services

As part of our transaction team, our senior partners and project managers are deeply involved to ensure that your business is profitable and that you see fast results. 


Our professional Leasing teams works closely with you, to advise and offer the best practices to optimise strategies and analysis. 

Property development

We have extensive experience within a broad range of projects, such as tenant adaptations, renovations and plan changes, to help you increase the value of your property.

Property valuation

We perform year-end reports and bank valuations. We have a close relationship with all Swedish central banks. We also carry out tailor-made analyses based on your needs.

Management team