Accommodation management

Accommodation management

Having years of experience managing housing, we can create pleasant, profitable, and safe properties and help you to reduce vacancy rates through professional and structured management.

Our housing managers are responsible for every aspect of their properties and work closely with finance, rentals, technology, projects and operations. Each property team is well-anchored in the set goals and ongoing activities of each property. The manager is responsible for preparing budgets, forecasts, business plans, and investment calculations, as well as creating and maintaining close dialogue with tenants.

Homes are rented according to the guidelines that you determine as a client. We are able to handle the rental of housing in close cooperation with the housing agency or if you prefer to manage your own housing queue. With a structured, innovative, and professional handling of housing rental, regardless of the queueing system, we help you to reduce vacancy rates.

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Porträtt på Kinga Kinnunen

Kinga Kinnunen

Head of Property Asset Management, Partner

We always aim to build a lasting partnership, no matter how big or small the project may be. Contact us — our full-service offer makes a difference to your business.

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