Property valuation

How much is the market value of the property? Ask us!

A considered and thorough property valuation is crucial to a successful investment. Our real estate valuation team can provide you with a current and precise value. We value more than 350 billion SEK of commercial properties every year, and banks and property owners entrust us with all types of property valuations.

Our property valuers are certified by Samhällsbyggarna and members of the MRICS, and we are both approved and appreciated by all major Swedish banks.

Bank valuation

We are specialised in providing high-quality bank valuations based on the banks’ needs and wants. Our valuations are more detailed than the Swedish standard and we clearly communicate how and why we arrive at the market value, which is appreciated by Swedish banks and customers alike.

Year-end valuation

We perform valuations of various scales before financial statements and we have experience working with Sweden’s leading real estate agencies. Whether it is year-end valuations, or desktop valuations, we will help you with the correct information and knowledge you need.

Specialised analysis

Our valuation experts and advisors will help you develop tailored analyses based on your needs. This can involve examining the housing demand within a given area or determining the value of undeveloped land, for example. Our collective knowledge of the real estate market, offers an expert analysis for your specific needs.

K2A request valuations both for acquisitions and quarterly reports. I think that Novier has a great understanding of the submarkets we are active in. And on top of that, they are really nice to work with.

Johan Knaust

Contact us — we make a difference for your business

Porträtt på Tomas Nyström MRICS

Tomas Nyström MRICS

Head of Valuation, Authorized property valuer authorized by Samhällsbyggarna, Partner

We always aim to build a lasting partnership, no matter how big or small the project may be. A thorough property valuation is essential for a successful investment, and our valuers are experts in determining a property's current value. Contact us — our full-service offer makes a difference to your business.

The real estate valuation team

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