Property management

We create long-term property value

We work with all parts of property management and help you create long-term property value. With our ability to offer commercial, financial, and technical management services, we can provide a holistic approach to a good and long-term return on your investment.

Commercial management

We have extensive experience in managing commercial properties and creating appealing, profitable and optimised properties. Our managers take full responsibility for the properties, engage proactively with tenants and work closely with our finance, rental, project and technology departments to maximise your investment value. Read more about commercial management.

Accommodation management

We offer both optimisation for your property and close service tenants. Our modern and digital solutions streamline operations, while our landlords give tenants a sense of closeness and security. We work continuously to create a safe environment in and around the properties and help you reduce the vacancy rate through a structured and professional management of housing rentals. Read more about accommodation management.

Financial management

In financial management, we take care of all daily, monthly, quarterly and annual financial tasks that are included in the management of a property with associated companies. With stable, reliable, and efficient reporting you avoid surprises and can be assured that everything is done according to all laws, regulations and your needs. Read more about financial management.

Technical management

If you need help ensuring that the properties are kept in good condition, we at Novier can help you with technical management as well as supervision and care of the property. The technical manager puts together a thorough maintenance plan and operating strategy for each property with a focus on both business goals and safety, such as fire protection work and regulatory requirements. Read more about technical management.

Project management

We identify and run all types of development and remodeling projects together with you as a property owner. It includes tenant adaptations, maintenance projects, environmental projects and remodeling, or new construction projects to develop and upgrade your property. We also assist in procurements and are happy to act as project managers or client representatives. Read more about project management.


The rental is the start of a long-term relationship with each tenant. We offer rentals in all commercial segments, from strategy work and all the way to management. Through a close collaboration with the management organisation, our landlords always have the best management business in focus, which both shortens the vacancies and creates long-term values. Read more about renting.

Sustainability and energy

We help you achieve sustainable management. With clear goals and improvements in a number of areas, we plan and carry out the sustainability work in close collaboration with you. We guide you not only to environmental investments, lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but also on certification and taxonomy issues. Our experts have extensive experience in sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance.

We are very satisfied with Novier. They meet the high-quality requirements that Gamla Liv places on management delivery. Novier's committed and knowledgeable team contributes in an excellent way to the development of the property portfolio.

Jonas Lindegren

Contact us — your partner for long-term total return

Porträtt på Kinga Kinnunen

Kinga Kinnunen

Head of Property Asset Management, Partner

We always aim for a long-lasting partnership with the same level of commitment, regardless of the size of the project. We help you create long-term value for your properties and investments. Contact us — our full-service offer makes a difference to your business.

The real estate development team

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