Our partners

High-class and added value

We want to give you some tips about the partners we have at Novier. All of these companies have one thing in common — they are very good at what they do and add value by delivering high-class services.

Office Recycling  offers the future of recycling, today! A successful recipe for increasing your recycling up to 50%, combined with fossil-free transport and the best service on the market.

Asedo provides you with a personalised service and IT advice. From affordable Internet connections to complete IT solutions, the services are adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Hustomtar Facility Service AB is a service company with the whole of greater Stockholm as its workplace and catchment area. We are very active and have a large capacity,  making them strong and able, rarely having to decline projects.

In collaboration with Novier, they can now offer new and existing tenants help with various different services in their premises, such as attaching loose handles, adjusting doors, buying and replacing light sources, assembling furniture and setting up paintings and TV screens. No job is too big or too small.

Inspira cleans the common areas of Novier's properties. They give us a daily presence and knowledge of the properties, adding value for you as a tenant, if you choose to hire Inspira for one or more services at your premises. The offer we have designed with Novier is simple, affordable, and specifically tailored for you as a tenant.

Elkraftkoncernen is an experienced electricity supplier, well acquainted with both the technical and the economic development in the market. In addition to delivering environmentally classified electricity, Elkraftskoncernen also offers a number of technical and administrative services that help you achieve efficient energy use.