Rental services

Strategies, analysis and advice

Our rental consulting team is skilled in providing strategies, analyses, and consulting on all types of real estate and properties. Including trade, office, logistical, and industrial properties. We work very closely with you as a client/property owner, and are often fully integrated into your property development organisation.


We help you find the right space whether it is for trade, offices, or warehousing and logistics. We find the right focus, the right tenant, to the right renting budget. With our broad expertise, industry-leading network and great commitment, we are able to meet your needs both in the short and long run. We even offer help in the rental and development of entire shopping centres, office buildings, and districts around cities.


Apart from rental-related work, we have extensive experience in the development of shopping centres, market places and logistic properties. We assist you with analysis, strategies, action plans, concept proposals, consulting and feasibility studies before acquiring an asset.


As part of our ongoing goal of a positive development for every property, we handle every renegotiation in the same manner as with letting and planning. In what ways can we work together to develop the property in the direction you want? With our expertise, we can help with everything from extensive relocations with several parties, to customary renegotiations for changing conditions.

Tenant advice

If you have a need and use office spaces, we can help with advice and practical solutions in finding new locations, as well as liquidation or renting out your existing ones. We can help you with specific parts or through the whole process.

We work very closely with our clients and often function as a fully integrated part of their development function.

Malin Linde

Contact us — your rental, our speciality.

Porträtt på Malin Andrén (fd.Linde)

Malin Andrén (fd.Linde)

Head of Leasing

We always commit and aim for a long-lasting partnership regardless of the size of the project and offer strategies, analysis and advice on all types of properties.  Contact us — our full-service offer makes a difference to your business.

The rental service team

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